Our Story

We started our solar business in 2010 with primarily off-grid solar systems, both small and large. In 2014, we moved from small off-grid systems to larger grid-tied systems as we proved that economics of solar are attractive.


We provide turnkey solar power solutions to businesses whether they want to buy the solar system or just buy solar power. We also provide operations and maintenance services post-installation.

We provide our services across India, however, we are currently focusing on Maharashtra where the commercial and industrial grid tariffs are very high thereby making solar, a wise choice.



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We have installed over 200 solar rooftop systems across India ranging from Rajasthan to Kerala and from Gujarat to Jharkhand. Our experience ranges from 1KWp off-grid battery backup solar systems in rural areas to 100KWp of GT solar rooftop systems in urban areas. We have a network of over 30 locations across India with experienced installation and service teams to cater to local requirements

We also have partnered with high-quality, cost-efficient sub-contractors in civil and electrical works to help us execute jobs seamlessly for our customers.